Armytrix Introduces Gold and Carbon Fiber Tip Options – Icing on the cake

Although Armytrix exhaust systems are a great way to add style, sound, and power to your car, if you wanted to make your exhaust tips extremely stylish you were out of luck. With the rise in popularity of gold electronics like smartphones, the trend was bound to make it over to the automotive industry. Sure enough, gold exhaust tips have become increasingly popular and now Armytrix is offering gold exhaust tips for select vehicles. Alongside the new gold tip options are carbon fiber tip options for select vehicles.

To start things off, the Gold tips will only be offered for the R35 GTR. They will be available for both the 90mm and 102mm exhaust systems. Below is a video which shows off the new gold tips on a wide body R35. The carbon fiber tips will be available for various Audi, BMW, Honda, Mercedes-Benz, Maserati, Mini Cooper, Porsche, and VW. Be sure to check out the video and pictures below to get an idea of how these new tip options look!

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