ByViruZz’s Nissan GT-R R35 W/ ARMYTRIX Decat Valvetronic Exhaust – Rise and Shine

NISSAN GT-R R35 JUST GOT WILDER WITH ARMYTRIX CATLESS EXHAUST!  We recently teamed up with well-known Spanish youtuber @byViruZz, following by 5,000,000 subscribers. Within a week of upload, 2 collaborative videos have hit 1.5 million views together, and the number is still growing! Check out the video to see how astonished byViruZz is after hearing…


991.2 Carrera S Spitting Flames with Armytrix Exhaust – Insane Sound and Pops

As Porsche moves towards turbocharged engines across their lineup of vehicles, including their coveted 911, a lot of enthusiasts were worried that these new Porsches would sound terrible compared to the old naturally aspirated Porsches. Although there may be some people out there who refuse to think turbocharged engines sound good, most of us have…


Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 Titanium Exhaust – Beast Off The Chain!

As an automotive enthusiast, you probably know that exhaust flow is key to engine efficiency.. Unfortunately, most automakers can’t just make the best flowing exhaust possible thanks to EPA restrictions. This created the entire aftermarket world of exhaust systems. Even for cars like the Lamborghini Huracan, the OEM exhaust system is restrictive and limits power. The…