Mustang GT with Armytrix Exhaust System

It is always exciting when your vehicle is upgraded to a higher performance. This is what happened to one of our customers when he fitted his Ford Mustang GT with an Armytrix Exhaust System. The masterfully welded connections of the exhaust system dramatically improved the performance and sound of his Mustang GT giving it smoothness of flow.
The considerable torque and horsepower gains brought about by the Armytrix valvetronic exhaust amplifies the ferocious sounds across the revolution range and stimulates the auditory system.

The exhaust has a free-flowing nature which offers an escape route for the primal sound to come directly from the engine. When at full throttle, the exhaust system makes the Mustang GT give Formula One style audio pitch which drowns the thoughts of disbelief and doubt.

One of the exciting things our Mustang GT client found out is that through the exhaust system Smartphone App, he could access real time events and a catalogue of precise data logs displayed on exceptionally user friendly interfaces. The valvetronic system is a true countermeasure that keeps pace with changing circumstances giving Mustang GTs tremendous functionality. You don’t have to pick between stock settings and explosive exhaust audio any longer because the exhaust system gives you all under one roof.

The images below give you a practical feel of what all this means