Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 Titanium Exhaust – Beast Off The Chain!

As an automotive enthusiast, you probably know that exhaust flow is key to engine efficiency.. Unfortunately, most automakers can’t just make the best flowing exhaust possible thanks to EPA restrictions. This created the entire aftermarket world of exhaust systems. Even for cars like the Lamborghini Huracan, the OEM exhaust system is restrictive and limits power. The problem with many aftermarket exhaust systems is the overall sound being too high or too low. Once you install the exhaust, it’s hard to make it louder or quieter, leaving you stuck with an exhaust you’re not happy with.

As you probably know, Armytrix does exhaust systems differently by offering Valvetronic exhaust systems which use an exhaust valve to direct the exhaust gas through or around the mufflers. By changing the position of the valve via a remote, the exhaust tone and volume changes on the fly. This means you can keep your exhaust quiet on early mornings or late nights, but open it up and let your Huracan sing on open roads.

Aside from the Valvetronic technology, this exhaust also offers the best build quality possible by using high-end titanium as opposed to stainless steel. By building the entire system out of titanium, it dramatically reduces the total weight of the exhaust. We design the exhaust to improve exhaust flow and exhaust scavenging, which is done with a larger than stock diameter and an overall better design.

We offer the exhaust tips in Black or Titanium Blue. Alternatively, you can also order the exhaust system with no tips and reuse the OEM tips.