The Special One: Ferrari 458 Italia & Armytrix

A Ferrari and a winding road. The vivid dream that has kept a lot of us enthusiasts going for every single hustle we’ve been through. The pinnacle of freedom and success. The glorious marriage of driving pleasure and excitements. The hand-built trophy that causes all of life’s efforts and struggles to make sense.

Let Armytrix exhaust elevate the your Ferrari experience. Our aerospace grade titanium crafted system is build to last and deliver the crucial performance that you have come to expect from us. Majestic audio and scintillating power flows seamlessly through the 458, showing you what you have been missing!

Super Veloce Racing (SVR) Front Bumper
Super Veloce Racing (SVR) Hood
Super Veloce Racing (SVR) Front Lip
Super Veloce Racing (SVR) Roof
Super Veloce Racing (SVR) Side Skirts
Super Veloce Racing (SVR) Rear Bumper
Super Veloce Racing (SVR) GT Wing
Armytrix Titanium Exhaust System
Novitec Intake
Novitec NF3 Wheels
Pirelli P-Zero Tires