ECU (Engine Control Unit) in layman’s term is the “brain� that controls the engine. It can be found in nearly all of today’s complex vehicles, ranging from motorcycles to marine crafts. Through a series of strategically placed sensors, they gather figures on temperature, pedal angle, chemical content, and many other parameters. Then processes the collected data in real time and adjusts accordingly for optimal vehicular performance.


When a manufacturer releases a new vehicle, they have to take into account all the different operating conditions that the vehicle will be subjected to and the different regions they intend to sell. Meaning instead of tuning the engine to its highest settings, companies will compromise in order to compensate for scenarios such as, extreme natural conditions, terrains, sub-standard upkeep/fueling, different motor vehicle regulations.


It is when you alter the settings of the various fields in the ECU to create different perimeter of responses. Resulting in improved functions such as, spark timing, fuel injection, fuel economy and many other applications; enhancing vehicle performance and driving experience.


We can’t advise you on your insurance status; it is up to your own discretion whether or not to inform your insurance company about the alteration. Some may be more lenient than others, however, it is extremely difficult for them to detect adjustments to the ECU, especially if they don’t have the right equipment or knowledge.

How long will the tuning process be?

The entire process will take up to 4-5 hours depending on the condition of the vehicle and including the road test. We insist you take your time with the road test and give us feedback, so we may precisely tune the car to the way you want to drive.

What if I’m not satisfied with the tune?

If customer is not satisfied with the tuning result, a one-time, free-of-charge retune may be requested within 7 days of install. However, any hardware modifications completed after initial tune will nullify this service and additional payment will be charged.