At ARMYTRIX TUNING, our mission is to create the best performance optimizing tuning with exceptional refinement with unparalleled reliability and signature customization. We are dedicated to provide the finest expertise, excellent customer service and, most of all, a brand new vehicular experience. For us, tuning transcends technical work, it is an artistic expression.

Our featured master tuner is an ex-member of a world renowned F1 team and bolsters experience on the OEM level as well. His intimate understanding of where performance, economy and longevity can be unlocked is truly visionary. It is a true privilege watching him operate, feeling his overflowing passion and witnessing his technical proficiency, honed by years of commercial and competition experience.

We recognize each vehicle is a unique specimen; each operator drives distinctively and desires different capabilities. So, it’s only natural that you, the driver, is included in the tuning process! Unlike most tuning companies, we carefully listen to your every need and want every step of the way. Signature bespoke service to ensure your car performs the way you desire.

ARMYTRIX TUNING wants to help you free your vehicle from the shackle of factory programed ECU. Enhancing acceleration, increasing fuel economy, optimizing engine performance, whatever the reason, we want you to experience the true one-of-a-kind driving sensation that has eluded you, until now.

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Our tuning process is entirely non-invasive. Through the OBDII port, we attach the Armytrix control module, through which we upload the software upgrades to the ECU. Meaning no ripping out the engine control unit, no chip implanting, no messy wirings; all we do is Plug-n-Install. We aim to get your vehicle out of the garage and back onto the road as fast as possible. Smooth and progressive power, with improved response, that can be tailored to your requirements.

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Upgrading the ECU (Engine Control Unit) is advantageous to the overall engine performance. Overhauling the limiting parameters of the factory ECU optimizes responsiveness and increases functional capacity. To experience the most profound effect of the engine’s operational capabilities, each category need to be working in harmony with one another. Changing entirely how the vehicle feels and performs in your hand.

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There are TWO different tuning paths you can take, POWER Tune or ECO Tune:

Like the name implies, Power Tune is all about maximizing your vehicle’s overall performance settings. By identifying the proper combinations of ignition timing and air/fuel ratio at every rpm, along

with many other interlinked factors, we can improve the vehicle’s power output. Meaning you can do the things you’ve always dreamt of doing! Fast and furious is no longer just a movie for you.

ECO Tune is designed to enhance engine efficiency and reduce your vehicle’s carbon footprint. By changing the parameters in the ECU, we can lower the lean-out limits, adjust air/fuel mixture, and alter ignition timing, among other interconnected elements to achieve the desire fuel saving effect. Ultimately, reducing fuel usage and increasing engine efficiency, so you can save some money and Mother Nature. If being green is the name of your game, then the Armytrix ECO Tune is for you.

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