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カワサキ Zx-10r 2016-2020 Armytrix 武器化チタン スリップオン排気システム カーボンファイバーマフラー アフターマーケット改造 ベストチューニングサスペンション価格 2023 #codegreen #green

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カワサキ NINJA ZX-10R 2016-2020 ARMYTRIX 排気システム


Staying true to our beliefs, ARMYTRIX strives to reach the limit and shatter your preconceived notion of style, hence the initiation of project #CODEGREEN.

Inspired by the aggressive designs of superbikes and hunger to achieve performance, we visualize the dea of weaponizing automotive with Weaponized Exhaust Line.

Weaponizing in style

the unique realization of performance and aestheetics in one.

Superbike inspired geometrical design makes weaponizing automotive come to life.

section images
bike image

# Carbon fiber Elegance

Strengthened carbon fiber underline image to craft the muffler, and proven by repeated quality and durability tests, ARMYTRIX makes sure of the combination of performance and style.

large image
bike image
bike image

# No compromise

We make no compromises. The carefully crafted underline octagon shaped muffler base sets the Weaponized tone. making sure we stand out no matter where we ride

# Be Unique

ARMYTRIX stands for being unique.
Weaponized muffler completed with the underline Unique laser engraved tail cap. And tested on race tracks. it produces the exhaust tone like no other.

mid image images

#Ride with style

Riveting under line to finish up the assembly as a final touch for the weaponzing style. Rev up your ride and make a statement on the road.

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To reach performance and aesthetic limits, ARMYTRIX primarily selects aero-grade titanium to build for our 2-wheel machines.

Polished Finish


Utilizing the challenging mandrel bending method, we ensure each set of our titanium slip-on exhaust pipes is crafted with unmatched strength and durability, elevating your ride with confidence to undergo the most challenging scenarios.



Discover unparalleled excellence in titanium welding with our headers. Our exceptional craftsmanship ensures the least level of oxidization, enhancing strength and durability. Engineered to withstand extreme conditions, our product empowers riders to push boundaries, dominate racetracks, and conquer the toughest terrains.

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