When the lights dim, the spotlight hits, all eyes are on you, feel the rush of adrenaline, the surge of exhaust audio overwhelms the airwave. The free flowing nature of our exhaust offers an escape route for the most primal sound to emerge directly from the engine. A deep timbre defines the lower revs, a hypnotic purr, the prelude for the incoming devastation. Full throttle engaged, an immediate F1 style audio pitch invades and occupies your auditory system; drowning out the thoughts of doubts and disbelief. Convert non-believers into fanatics, the journey has just begun. Revolt against mediocrity; aspire to achieve total performance freedom. Armytrix arsenal continues to evolve, call upon our perpetually stocked armory. Reach the apex of the performance pyramid and reign supreme. This is our guarantee to you, our creed, Automotive Weaponized.