Lamborghini/Aventador/6.5 V12 LP700-4/LP720-4 (2011-present)



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Luxurious amenities befitting of its Italian heritage. Armytrix wants to maintain this proud tradition. Our Lamborghini exhaust is crafted from aerospace grade titanium, put together by talented craftsmen. With the valvetronic control, it is a dynamic system offering diversification to your driving experience. Standard Superveloce is pretty intense, but with our system in there, it is another beast all together. An automotive aphrodisiac.

Technology-wise, keep up with the rapidly evolving world or risk being on the list of the extinct. Arm yourself with our revolutionary road tech for a smarter driving experience. The valvetronic system introduces a new dimension of versatility; never compromise between sound and stealth. The Armytrix exclusive OBDII dongle system reduces the installation time by 50%! With clear displays and user-friendly controls, navigate through our smartphone app to attain an insightful look into the vehicle’s real-time operational status and complete control over the valve settings. Stay Connected, Stay Ahead of the Pack.

Performance-wise, deviate from the routine path; go on an adventure down the road less traveled. Let the Armytrix kickstart the real automotive experience. We have tailored each exhaust for carrying the maximum payload to be delivered to thunderous effect. Our streamlined system is lighter, ridded of the OE deadweight and offers an unrestrictive flow; the improved efficiency plays a vital role in the dramatic improvements in both horsepower and torque. Celebrate the liberation of performance, write your own legacy.

Quality-wise, Armytrix wouldn’t be what we are today, if not for the persistency on offering premier quality exhausts to the users. Started from the initial designing process, attention to detail was essential in laying the foundation for creating exhausts with perfect fitment. Veteran craftsmen bring the blueprints to life with unparalleled skills; each weld administered by steady hands, creating the unbreakable bond, the backbone to greater outputs. Feed your appetite for extra performance through our TI and SS series exhausts, rebel against mediocrity and take back the initiative.

Remote control & app features

Exhaust Sounds

Purest Titanium Made In The Market

Master Welding With Zero O2 Contamination

Heat-Resistant Vacuum Valves

Convenient Remote Key Fob

Convenient Remote Key Fob

Superb Lightweight, Superb Strong

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