Armytrix Lexus LC500 w/ Armytrix Exhaust – Inner Demon Unleashed

When you think of a high-performance two-door powered by a 5.0L, you probably think of the Ford Mustang GT. Those who are familiar with JDM performance vehicles know the Lexus LC500 also falls into that same basic description. Outputting 471 horsepower, the LC500 is quite a fast car. Unfortunately, from the factory, you can barely hear the 5.0L engine, which makes the driving experience more like that of a minivan rather than a powerful coupe. Luckily, Armytrix will soon be releasing a solution to this problem with our Valvetronic LC500 exhaust.

The problem with many aftermarket exhausts is either being too loud or too quiet. Once the exhaust is installed, you can’t easily make it louder or quieter. This problem can easily be solved with a valved exhaust. The exhaust gases can be routed through a muffler like a standard exhaust system, or you can change the position of the valve and route the exhaust gases around the muffler. This means you won’t piss off your neighbors during those early mornings, but you can open the exhaust up and hear it roar on canyon roads. Check out the sound clip below!