BMW/ Exhaust System/ May 8, 2018

ARMYTRIX Esotril Blue BMW M235i Exhaust Video & Photos


Our customer purchased this beautiful Esotril Blue BMW M235i and was seeking a new exhaust that would harvest the potential of the BMW’s N55 engine. He brought it over to Vivid Racing where set him up with an Armytrix Valvetronic Exhaust system that would exceed his expectations. Since the Armytrix exhaust system is valved it features the ability to change sound…

All/ BMW/ Exhaust System/ May 26, 2016

Storm Rider: Armytrix BMW M4


Do not go gentle into a that good night. Fight for your dream to create your ultimate build. Our stainless steel valvetronic exhaust offers the user an alternative way to enjoy their BMW. The valvetronic system offers flexibility to accommodate one’s constantly evolving environment, through our key fob controller or smartphone app, one wields the…

All/ BMW/ Exhaust System/ May 25, 2016

Exquisite Specimen: Armytrix BMW M3


Visually loud orange M3 now has a boisterous attitude to match, courtesy of Armytrix exhaust. From the outset, performance remains our crucial focus, strategic designing and building our system to specific specification that best optimize the vehicle’s capability. On top of that, our valvetronic setup introduces a degree of flexibility like none before, have the…

All/ BMW/ Exhaust System/ May 23, 2016

Razor Edge Armytrix BMW M235i


Owning a compact performance car like the M235i is like owning a piece of sharp razor in your pocket; it’s easy to keep and maneuver, yet fully capable of exciting performance when used. In major cities where the roads are nothing less but a sea of cars, the M235i shines even brighter. Power delivery is…