All/ BMW/ Exhaust System/ May 10, 2016

First of its Kind: BMW M4


The very first Liberty Walk BMW M4 in Hong Kong received great feedback for its aggressive styling and street presence. Wherever it went, people would turn their heads and look in awe as they couldn’t believe how wide and menacing this car was. To achieve the “proper look” for widebody cars, they have to sit…

All/ BMW/ Exhaust System/ May 4, 2016

Armytrix BMW E92 M3 Real Life NFS Australia [4k] Zwingfilms


  It never ceases to amaze us the dedication of petrol-heads are willing to go to, in order to bring their vision to life. Like living in Neverland, the modders never really grew up, passionately pursuing their dreams. Armytrix feels honored to be a part of their setup and will continue to bring the premium…