Exhaust System/ McLaren/ May 8, 2018

ARMYTRIX McLaren 570S Wrapped in Gold Making Loud Noises


The McLaren doesn’t need much to stand out on the street, but the gold wrapped 570S below goes above and beyond. The gorgeous and attention-grabbing gold reflective chrome is not the only thing that will tantalize your senses. This McLaren 570S is equipped with Armytrix ceramic coated decatted downpipes as an upgrade to its already impactful M838T E engine….

All/ Exhaust System/ McLaren/ December 6, 2016

McLaren 570S/Armytrix


Vivid Racing McLaren 570S is a complete new animal now that they’ve upgraded it with Armytrix Automotive Weaponized Exhaust and a #VRTuned ECU Flash! Stay tuned for more videos!

All/ Exhaust System/ McLaren/ May 26, 2016

Spidey Senses Tingling: Armytrix McLaren 650S Spider


Strategically designed and built, our McLaren valvetronic exhaust delivers crucial automotive performance that overthrows your preconceived notion. Titanium crafted for optimization and partially coated with ceramic for added heat retention; the streamline flow design ensures the expelled gases are efficiently dealt with. Only the purest sound and power are blasted from the car.

All/ Exhaust System/ McLaren/ May 10, 2016

vivid racing project mclaren mp4-12c with armytrix


When Vivid Racing approached us to collaborate on another one of their project vehicle, we just couldn’t say no! Like a jigsaw puzzle, building a car takes patience and skills. Hours put into planning, selecting the right parts that brings about the perfect mixture of performance and aesthetic. For this McLaren MP4-12C project, Vivid Racing…