Exhaust System/ Porsche/ March 17, 2017

Porsche 718 Cayman S & Armytrix Decat Valvetronic


A customer recently walked into our shop with his Porsche 718 Cayman S looking to have his vehicle transformed into a beast. The only thing which could help achieve this was the Stainless Steel Armytrix Decat Valvetronic system. The system has the power to completely transform a Porsche driving experience. The best thing about this…

Exhaust System/ Porsche/ March 14, 2017

Porsche Macan S & Armytrix Valvetronic System


As the owner of a Porsche Macan S, David Holman, had never awaken his machine from its hibernation until the moment he installed Armytrix valvetronic exhaust system. In his words, he said, “I now enjoy a high-performance rebirth that requires me to update my driving habits.” The exhaust system simply brings something different on the…

Exhaust System/ Ford/ March 14, 2017

Mustang GT with Armytrix Exhaust System


It is always exciting when your vehicle is upgraded to a higher performance. This is what happened to one of our customers when he fitted his Ford Mustang GT with an Armytrix Exhaust System. The masterfully welded connections of the exhaust system dramatically improved the performance and sound of his Mustang GT giving it smoothness…