Acura NSX with Armytrix Valvetronic Exhaust on the Dyno – Next-Gen Supercar

The Acura NSX of the 1990s was an absolute beast and changed the face of supercars forever including the modern NSX. The old one used a simple V6 and kept everything relatively basic. The new NSX uses a twin-turbo V6, three electric motors, and tons of other cool features. A huge amount of hype was behind this new NSX, but it fell short in one important area of the driving experience: the exhaust sound. If you pay a ton of money to have an awesome exotic car, you want it to sound awesome, and the NSX just doesn’t, unfortunately. Luckily, Armytrix has this covered with our new NSX Valvetronic exhaust.

Vivid Racing installed this exhaust on their Project NSX. Compared to stock, this exhaust sounds much better and really adds a whole new dynamic to the driving experience. With such a lovely sound coming from the exhaust, it’s hard to not bury your foot on the gas all the time. Check out the sound clips from the dyno testing below!