Entrenched Monster : Imw8ng4u Nissan GTR

Whoever says Splinter raised only 4 turtles has never seen Imw8ng4u’s Nissan GT-R. Inspired by the famed turtles, this R35 carries itself with the same intensity, ferocity, charisma, and a constant appetite for more! Enhanced by the streamlined pathway, exhaust gases are directed with ruthless efficiency turned into mesmerizing audio and tantalizing power. Like us,…

Spidey Senses Tingling: Armytrix McLaren 650S Spider

Strategically designed and built, our McLaren valvetronic exhaust delivers crucial automotive performance that overthrows your preconceived notion. Titanium crafted for optimization and partially coated with ceramic for added heat retention; the streamline flow design ensures the expelled gases are efficiently dealt with. Only the purest sound and power are blasted from the car.

The Mighty Armytrix Mini Hatch F56

Armytrix stainless steel exhaust was designed and built to push the limit of performance. Our engineers meticulously conduct research and tests to determine the right tone and the smoothest of flow. Our seasoned manufacturers, with intimate knowledge of building exhausts, craft these pieces with extreme care. The quality of workmanship can be readily examined even…