The New Audi A7 C8 with the Full ARMYTRIX System!

The Audi A7 C8 is like an ultra refined, luxurious limousine in a sleek design. With its state of the art technology equipped, the Audi A7 C8 offers both functionality and aesthetics. The ARMYTRIX’s supreme exhaust will complete this chic yet powerful vehicle with its high performance valvetronic cat-back system and downpipes. 

The ARMYTRIX Audi A7 C8 cat-back system comes with five different colorways that you can choose to further customize your vehicle with:  chrome, blue, matte black, gold, and carbon tips. Show your personality with the tips of your choice!
Note that the quad-tips fit to S7 rear diffusers only.  

To fully unleash the power within the Audi A7 C8, the de-catted down pipe will be the one you are looking for. The unfiltered roar is unmatched by any other. There is also the 200 CPSI option for those in regions with stricter restrictions, but the power will still undoubtedly be incredible.

Be sure to check out the videos and photos for the experience! 
You do not want to miss out. 

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