The ARMYTRIX Enhanced Mercedes-AMG C257 CLS53 is the Total Package!  

The Mercedes-AMG C257 CLS53 is perfect not only for its excellent performance and latest technology, but also for its dynamic, sporty look that makes it an unique 4 door coupe. The only way the Mercedes-AMG C257 CLS53 coupe can get better is with AMRYTRIX’s premium valvetronic exhaust. 

The ARMYTRIX valvetronic exhaust system for the C257 CLS53 has
– De-catted & Ceramic Downpipes 
– Remote & App Control Function 

ARMYTRIX’s de-catted down pipe will deliver the unfiltered roar that is unmatched by any other. There is also the 200 CPSI option for those in regions with stricter restrictions, but the power will still be undeniable. The ceramic coating will not only ensure durability of the exhaust, but it will also reduce heat radiation towards the surrounding area of the downpipe.

The valvetronic system is also paired with the remote control that allows the driver to choose which mode to cruise in. The neighborhood mode (valves off) to be just a little bit considerate for your neighbors and the beast mode (valves on) to show off the incredible explosive power. There is also auto mode, which will automatically open and close the valves at the appropriate rpm so you can enjoy the thrill of driving entirely.

Compatible with the new Mercedes-Benz Dynamic Select feature, the ARMYTRIX interactive valve control technology allows the driver to fully immerse into the exhaust and driving experience. The state of the art technology allows valves to open and close in accordance to the mode that driver selects.   

Be sure to check out the videos and photos for the experience! 
You do not want to miss out. 

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