Porsche 718 Cayman S & Armytrix Decat Valvetronic

A customer recently walked into our shop with his Porsche 718 Cayman S looking to have his vehicle transformed into a beast. The only thing which could help achieve this was the Stainless Steel Armytrix Decat Valvetronic system. The system has the power to completely transform a Porsche driving experience. The best thing about this new addition to a Porsche is the fact that it gives the vehicle blazing power, improves horsepower, torque and above all it’s very easy to operate.

The Armytrix Decat Valvetronic is for vehicle owners who want to stay one step ahead on the street and rave up their adrenaline in doing so. Time to embrace technology is here; the Armytrix Decat Valvetronic comes with a user friendly controls and interactive app on a smartphone to give the user real-time operation capability. There is no need to compromise between the ultimate Porsche experience and stealth on the road.

The installation process is relatively easy given that the system is 100% bolt on installation plus it comes with a plug and play OBDII module which keeps you connected at all times. What makes our system stand out is the fact that it’s superlight and can be relied upon to deliver thunderous effect all the time.

The Armytrix Decat Valvetronic being assembled

The outer exhaust part

Fully Fitted Stainless Steel Armytrix Decat Valvetronic System