Goonzquad Lamborghini Huracan Lp580-2 Armytrix Titanium Exhaust – Beast Reborn!

When it comes to exotic performance cars, the Lamborghini Huracan is one of the most popular vehicles on the market right now. With an awesome engine, a great chassis, better-than-average reliability (for an exotic car), all wrapped up in an “affordable” price, it’s no wonder why the Huracan is so popular.

Goonzquad, an automotive YouTube channel which buys and rebuilds cars, recently got their hands on a wrecked Huracan. Through the process of repairing and rebuilding their Huracan, they also added an Armytrix titanium exhaust system.

As shown in their YouTube video, an Armytrix titanium exhaust is significantly smaller and lighter than the OEM exhaust. On top of being significantly lighter than the OEM exhaust, the Armytrix exhaust also flows more, resulting in increased power. On top of the performance gains, the Armytrix Valvetronic exhaust sounds much better and louder than the OEM exhaust.

  • Increased exhaust flow
  • More power
  • Lightweight design
  • Valvetronic system

Learn more and order your Armytrix Lamborghini Huracan exhaust here