McLaren 720S Equipped with Armytrix Valvetronic Exhaust – Roaring Beast

We all know the McLaren 720S is an insane car. Straight from McLaren it makes 710 horsepower and with a tune it absolutely destroys other supercars in its price range. The thing it has always been missing is a loud exhaust. It sounds pretty good straight from the factory, but it’s just not loud enough for many 720S owners. Luckily, there are aftermarket options such as our 720S Valvetronic exhaust. Unlike some other exhausts which are really loud or really quiet, our Valvetronic exhaust gives you the best of both worlds.

With the exhaust valve closed, our exhaust is comparable to the OEM exhaust. This means it’s quiet enough to keep your neighbors happy, but once you get on the open road you can open the exhaust valve to turn the volume up. With the valve open, your 720S is significantly louder than stock and sounds awesome. Check out the full video below to hear the sound for yourself!